About Arc Renewable Group

Our Vision

To participate in the development, aggregation and integration of the Renewable Energy Sector. To drive the sector forward through initiating innovative ideas, technologies and services.

About Us

Arc Renewable Group is the renewable energy arm of Arc Energy Corporation. Founded in 2017, Arc Renewable Group has bought together a wide range of expertise in recognition of the vital role that renewable energy plays within the energy sector of the 21st Century.

Our core business is the provision of specialised engineering services in the renewable energy sector and the aggregation of energy generating and energy saving services. Our holistic approach ensures an optimised solution that delivers maximum benefits to our clients.

Arc Renewable Group has a team of specialised renewable energy engineers and industry experts, making us ideally placed to add value to our broad client base and ensures our clients have unprecedented visibility into new developments in the renewable energy space

Our Approach

The Renewable Energy and Energy industries are not just about solar, wind and LED lights. It’s clear that the world is not only seeing a technology revolution, but also an energy revolution. The explosive growth of both information and renewable energy technology offers huge potential for the development of new ideas and concepts within these spaces. Arc Renewables is at the cutting edge of developing efficient and cost effective energy delivery, management systems and services.

Through service aggregation, we have been able to leverage the significant synergies that exist within the sector and are able to bring all the opportunities the sector has to offer to our clients, resulting in a comprehensive, streamlined and turnkey solution.

By offering a turnkey solution, from pre-feasibility to project implementation and outcome monitoring, we are able to take the journey with our clients and develop result driven outcomes that maximise value.

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